Wheel Alignment

Its important to regularly get your wheels aligned to extend the life of your tyres and safety of your vehicle.  We recommend that you always have a wheel alignment when getting new tyres fitted and every 10,000 km there after.  You can greatly affect the wear and performance of your tyres by getting a wheel alignment.

Tyre Fitting

We have highly skilled and qualified tyre technicians to fit your tyres to your vehicle.  We maintain a high standard of workmanship and ensure a professional, clean and efficient level of service.  Your road safety is greatly increased by having regular tyre replacements with good tread to maintain good grip on the road.

Puncture Repairs

Riverland Tyre Centre and provide a speedy puncture repair service.  Its important to get a punctured tyre repaired as soon as possible as your spare tyre is typically a space saver or speed limited.

Steering Repairs

If you experience any issues with your steering or just for regular maintenance you can book in a steering wheel check and repair with us.  It's a good idea to get this done with your wheel alignment to ensure a safer driving experience.

Wheel Balancing

Balancing and rotating your tyres will promote an even wear on your tyres and provide you with a safer and smoother drive.  Maintaining your tyres will help prolong their life.


We can check and maintain all parts of the suspension system in your vehicle including shock absorbers, suspension bushes, ball joints, springs and tie rod ends.  Your safety may be at risk if any of these parts are worn or damaged.


We are your local battery experts in Barmera and can test and keep your battery fully charged to ensure it will start your car consistently.  We also stock a wide range of batteries if you need it replaced and can recycle your old battery.

Road Side Servicing

We provide a range of road side services if you breakdown or find issues with your vehicle.  We will come to you and provide expert repair and advice for these unexpected situations.

Loan Car

We can arrange a loan car for you if you need to leave your vehicle with us whilst we carry out the requested work and service.